John Turnpenny Altree: Assistant to your Physician (Females Penrhyn) so you’re able to Thomas Jamison for about three years

John Turnpenny Altree: Assistant to your Physician (Females Penrhyn) so you’re able to Thomas Jamison for about three years

John Turnpenny Altree: Assistant to your Physician (Females Penrhyn) so you’re able to Thomas Jamison for about three years

He returned to England within the 1791 of the Waaksamheid into the crew of your shipwrecked Sirius. He received a cost from ?twelve weight to possess his work at Norfolk Isle.

He sunken off a fishing boat to your 15 June and King hidden their human body near the flagstaff. Batchelor’s wages was indeed paid back in order to their dad.

Charles Herritage/Lifestyle (Sirius) is an exclusive aquatic 55 th (Portsmouth) Organization. The guy chose to sit as an excellent settler towards Isle and try released regarding the courses of Sirius for the eight March 1791. The guy left Norfolk Isle from the Sugar cane to own Bengal in 1793 after selling his sixty miles out-of residential property to help you Thomas Restell Crowder to possess ?sixty pounds.

Roger Murley/Morley (Sirius) are a ready seaman but are delivered to Norfolk Isle to have their event while the a beneficial weaver. Brand new flax that Head Create had written on was his main activity nonetheless were unable locate the fresh new flax between the dense plant life. When you look at the 1789 he had been produced constable and in 1791 is a great storekeeper. Morley leftover the brand new Isle of the Have so you can begin towards Sirius staff people to the Waaksamheid to England inside the February 1791.

James Cunningham (Sirius) midshipman try borrowed of Sirius available towards first group to settle Norfolk Area. To your is actually provided for offer assist with Also provide on her behalf basic stop by at this new Island following new getting. Big browsing are running as well as the motorboat overturned drowning your, William Westbrook, John Williams and you can ready seaman of Also provide Laurence Tomlinson. Cunningham’s earnings have been paid down so you can ‘just the right Honourable E Countess Dowager off Glencairn’.

John Batchelor (Sirius) try an exclusive aquatic 55 th (Portsmouth) Business

William Westbrook (Sirius) try an able seaman and you may sawyer away from Fareham, Hants. The guy drowned into the 6an off Also have and John Williams convict. His wages were paid so you’re able to their cousin Edward.

John Williams/Floyd (Scarborough) drowned about floating around collision on the Westbrook, Laurence Tomlinson, and you can James Cunningham. Williams’ human body floated ashore into thirteen th and is actually hidden.

Charles MacLauglin/McClelland (Alexander) are fourteen years of age when convicted and provided for the new Ceres Hulk having taking a handbag laden with money. While on the fresh new Island he acquired lashings to possess taking egg and you can rum from the surgeon’s tent. The guy sustained a fractured skull if you’re chopping wood, recovered, as well as for stealing potatoes try taken to Nepean Area in the irons, for the small rations, for four week.

Nathaniel Lucas (Scarborough) Getting a great carpenter because of the change the guy turned into a secured asset inside the the city and you can has also been a profitable farmer with a secure give. The guy hitched Olivia Gascoigne and additionally they got 13 students, loosing twins inside any sort of accident brought about when you are cleaning trees close their home. The latest Lucas family were paid during the Vent Jackson of the early 1800s. His craft inside the building nearly all Sydney’s great culture property is notorious now.

McClelland got left this new Colony by January 1793

Edward Garth (Scarborough) Experimented with on Old Bailey getting taking two cattle; the newest phrase out-of passing was later on reprieved to own seven age transport so you can Africa. Regarding the Ceres Hulk he was taken to Portsmouth getting embarkation into Scarborough. As a successful farmer to your Island, the guy grown existence inventory and you may grain to your their land grant. When you look at the 1793 he had been chose a person in brand new Norfolk Area Settlers Relationship. Partnered so you can Susannah Gough they raised half a dozen pupils on Area, before leaving inside the 1807 onboard Porpoise getting Van Diemen’s Belongings. The newest Garth family members resided on places from the Clarence Flatlands and you will Queensborough.

John Mortimer (Charlotte) was tried along with his man Noah and you may Edward Westlake toward one or two counts, the initial from thieves out of a beneficial wether sheep and you may 2nd off securing 40 weight from mutton. He had been sentenced 7 age transportation to your next amount. Mortimer farmed effectively on the a land grant ahead of being gone to live in Van Diemen’s // End up in 1808 on-board People Nelson

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