Roasting Warehouse

Share Our Passion
We are driven by a passion for coffee and commitment to source, roast and prepare the very best. Our business thrives on the strength of the relationships we’ve forged with our producers and wholesale partners.

We seek wholesale partners who share our passion and value a solid relationship. You will discover further information about lucky 7. We are not just a vendor; we are hands-on committed to the success of your coffee program.

Quality Training and Support

We provide our wholesale partners with training and ongoing quality support. Our aim is to empower our partners with the knowledge and skill needed to run a successful coffee program. Our trainers are award-winning baristas with experience in all aspects of coffee preparation and our trainings are tailored to your individual needs.


  • Franchise
  • New Set-Up Cafe

We are here to help our wholesale partners succeed. We can assist you with pricing and menu development, beverage costing, equipment selection and procurement, bar layout, and much more.

Brand Control

We can manage your brand from scretch


Convenience ordering via phone, email or online and can be deliver.

Coffee Cart

Simple and Clean, that’s what we call our Coffee Cart Simple to set up, simple to fit to any small place on the lobby area and simple to operate.

But we keep in mind the prestige of our brand and the venu’s brand.

Easy to operate that will make our service faster for our customers.

Easy to clean area as we keep in mind ouer venue’s cleanliness as well.

We only need electricity on the venue to operate.


Our brand and design team has design the packaging for our products with our brand, while maintaining the prestige of the venue’s brand.

Our Packaging consist of:

  • Coffee Beans Packaging
  • Paper Cups
  • Straws Packaging
  • Stirer Packaging
  • Sugar Packaging
  • Cream Packaging
  • Take away cups Packaging
  • Take away food Packaging

We select our packaging with environmentally friendly and recycle material as we care abaut the environment and cleanliness of the venue.